To give food an extra boost of flavor borrow a few tricks from the professionals.   Your recipe may not call for these flavor boosters but chefs know they can make a difference.


Hoisin Sauce is a common ingredient in many Asian recipes.  But it is often a chef’s   “secret” addition to recipes using beef.  Hoisin sauce added to ground beef recipes, stews and sauces kicks up the flavor in the same way as demi-glacé.  Since very few of us have demi-glacé at hand adding a tablespoon or so of Hoisin sauce does the trick.  How simple is that.

Any recipe with a tomato base will have a richer, deeper, tomato flavor when you add a tablespoon or two of tomato paste.   If you are unable to find Italian canned tomatoes at your grocery store, a generous addition of tomato paste will give you that sunny, wonderful tomato flavor.  It’s easy to keep on hand if you empty the contents of a can of tomato paste onto a plastic wrap covered plate smooth it into a thick layer, overlap the wrap and freeze.   When you need tomato paste simply break off the required amount and return the rest to the freezer.


The new darling of chefs is the very hot Sriracha (rooster sauce).    It’s used with everything from shrimp to sandwiches.  Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce has been around a long, long time.   Some chefs have just discovered it, and they love it.    It’s a flavor enhancer in many Asian dishes, and you’ll frequently see it on tables in Asian restaurants.  Customers are expected to add their own level of hotness with Sriracha.

Add Sriracha to your pan when you saute shrimp.

Add it to mayonnaise when making sandwiches.

Add a splash to soups, sauces.

Add it to anything you want to have a spicy, hot kick.

Now how easy is that to give your food real flavor.



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