Every so often a cookbook comes along that is so beautiful, so interesting, you can’t resist it.  Guy Mirabella’s EAT ATE is such a book.  The photography is a delight  and the format is very different and very engrossing.  I haven’t cooked anything out of this book.  I’ve been too busy simply devouring page after page  of unexpected pleasures.  I am looking forward  to make the pizza with roasted pumpkin.

This is a list of new cookbooks I think are worth checking out.     Your local library probably has most of them.  If you don’t have a library card this would be good reason to obtain one.

Everyday Food from the kitchens of Martha Stewart Living

Ad Hoc at Home   (Thomas Keller)

Fine Cooking Volume Two

Professional Cooking  (Wayne -Gisslen)

Welcome to the Table  (House Beautiful)

Cooking Know-How (Weinstein & Scarbrough)

One Pot French (Jean-Pierre Challet with Jennifer Decorte)

Falling Cloudberries  A world of Family Recipes (Tessa Kiros)

I Know How To Cook (Ginette Mathiot)

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