Essential Kitchen Tools:

Essential Kitchen Tools:

We all have them.  Kitchen drawers filled with completely unnecessary kitchen accessories.  Some were impulse buys, many gifts, and others just seems to appear from out of now where.  What do you really need?  If you have one minute to grab items from your kitchen here is your list:

A paring knife and a chef’s knife

A heavy cutting board

One large and one small saucepan

A heavy skillet

And music, Willie Nelson, Fauré’s Requiem, whatever  music you like  to cook to

If you’re not planning to camp out, add the following:

A wok or a deep large skillet

Dutch oven

Kitchen scissors and vegeetable peeler

Steamer insert

Grill pan

Small roasting pan

Baking sheets, rimmed and unrimmed- light colored metal

Meat thermometer (digital instant-read best for ground meats and poultry)


Silicone spatulas

Lots of wooden spoons

Large sieve for draining and straining

Butcher’s steel – always keep your knives sharp

Pepper mill – Peugeot is the creme de la creme

Tongs in assorted sizes


Salad spinner and colander

Dry and liquid measuring cups in various sizes

Various sizes of stainless steel bowls

Muffin, loaf and cake pans

The biggest stock pot y0ur stove can handle

For luxury:

Immersion blender

Food processor

Stand mixer

Panini press

Any cookware by All-Clad

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