I take just two ingredients,

Glittering  gray diamonds of sea salt

Gorgeous  globes  of

sun-kissed tomatoes,

I embrace my laziness

and stand over the kitchen sink,

juice running down my arms

Eating tomatoes.

It is perfection.

For dinner I’ll put summer on the table with this  salad  made with tomatoes and nothing else.  Just a drizzle of the finest extra-virgin olive oil,  some torn basil leaves, a few grinds of  pepper and salt.  No aged balsamic vinegar –  just these perfect vine-ripened tomatoes.

Any  tomatoes left over I’ll put on  a few slices of toasted artisan bread with mayo, a sprinkle of sea salt and a couple of grinds of pepper.  I’ll eat it open face.  Sublime.  You can’t improve upon perfection.

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