My dear friends.  For some reason this recipe has developed major glitches.  The good husband made it twice (and he is a brilliant baker) with disastrous results.  The cake   didn’t seem to assimilate the oil properly.  As well the centre wouldn’t bake properly no matter how long you left the loaf in the oven.    I checked with  other experienced bakers and they had similar problems.   I shall work on this recipe and republish it when it is perfected.



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3 Responses to DOUBLE GLAZED LEMON LOAF deleted recipe

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  2. Laura says:

    This sounds divine! I will have to make it as people keep bringing me bags of lemons that i have no idea what to do with!

    • admin says:

      Lucky you Laura. A multitude of lemons. Make preserved lemons – super easy, then put the gorgeous flavoured rind into casseroles and use it when making Caesar Salad. Of course, you could make a lot of lemon loafs and be a very popular girl. Virginia

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