OLIVE TAPANADE … a million dollar recipe. It’s that good.


I call this a million dollar recipe.  It’s that good.  This is a type of tapenade that combines all the lush and lovely flavours we associate with Provence.  There’s olives, garlic, fresh herbs like thyme, oregano and sage.    You just can’t stop eating this appetizer spread


1 3/4 cups Kalamata and green olives mixed half and half (or what ever your taste buds tell you)

1/2 cup toasted walnuts chopped (don’t have any big pieces)

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp coarse ground Dijon mustard

2 fat garlic cloves

1 generous tb each fresh thyme, oregano and sage (no substitution)

a pinch of cayenne pepper.

In your food processor put the garlic cloves and the fresh herbs and chop them fine.

Add the olives and chop fine

Take about 3 tbs of the walnuts and add to the mix

Add olive oil,  mustard and cayenne pepper and mix well.

Turn out into a bowl and add the chopped walnuts.

Last three days if you’re lucky.  Serve with crackers of bread.

Pour a glass of wine.  You’re in Provence.

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