This hot list of food trends is from House and Home by Claire Tansey.

l. Eat Clean.  This is the year of fresh ingredients.  Think homegrown vegetables, ethically raised meat and sustainable farmed fish,flavoured with nothing more than salt and pepper.

2. Cheap chic canapes.  I love these.  Tuna tartare serve on a potato chip.  Hard economic times are bringing some innovation into restaurant kitchens – brilliant, delicious, and easy to recreate at home.

3. Black Pepper.  The treasured everyday seasoning is spicing up desserts like panna cotta and meringue.  Grind it over pineapple before grilling or whipped cream to serve with fresh berries.

4. Curly Parsley  No longer a lowly garnish, this herb is now the star of high-end cuisine; chefs flavour its intense flavour over flat-leafed parsley.  Try sliced roast beef with curly-parsley pesto.’

5.Brown Butter  Turn unsalted butter into a richly caramelized wonder ingredient (known as beurre noisette) simply be melting and gently allowing it to turn brown.  (not burnt)

6. Deconstructed dessert.  Instead of serving a slice of Black Forrest cake, take it apart and serve mini chocolate cakes doused in chocolate sauce with cherries and whipped cream. Look for jars of “sour cherries” for this dish

7.  Cheese and Pastry.  Remember apple pie served with a slice of cheddar?  This year the combination goes gourmet by pairing artisanal cheese with fine pastry.  Try a tangy semi-aged goat cheese like Bucheron and a caramel tart.

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